Xbox Music – Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview - v. 2.5.1330.0

The Developer Preview for WP8.1 was released on Monday April 14th, and with it the Xbox Music build 2.5.1330 for Windows Phone 8.1.  Information on this Phone Developer Preview OS can be found @

And for those Xbox Music users running the WP8.1 Developer Preview, starting next week you will start to see the first update in the Windows Phone Store for the 8.1 Xbox Music application, followed by ongoing updates every two weeks.   We want to hear your feedback on the new Xbox Music app so we can continue to incorporate it into the product.   We encourage you to comment on this forum post and/or enter and vote for features you would like to see on our User Voice site.

Here is what’s coming in WP8.1 Xbox Music application update week of April 22nd.

  • Numerous stability fixes, including many of the reported black screens
  • Cortana integration is complete and now supports playing playlists by name
  • UI polish to improve animations and transitions between UI views
  • Improved messaging for encountered errors, such as unplayable content in collections
  • Background initial sync of local and cloud content

What more to expect in the coming releases?

Based on initial feedback we have received through developer preview forums, we continue to prioritize features you are asking for and issues impacting your experiences.   Things you can expect to see over the next few bi-weekly releases include:

  • Continued focus on Stability and Performance
  • Live Tile integration
  • Quickplay improvements, including “recent” lists
  • Kids Corner Support
  • UX improvements (Search result grouping, creating new Radio Stations, improved Network status messages, Blue UI language alignment, now playing improvements and more)

We will keep updating this forum with ongoing release information, and please, keep the feedback coming.

Thank you, 

The Xbox Music Team


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Great work guys!  Looking forward to the updates.

Looking forward to the updates. 

Btw, how do I get to the now playing list in the Xbox music app?

2 things need to be fixed.

i have a lot of music on my phone. Every time I open the app it searches for music. This should not happen. It should happen once and should be saved in the local app database or whatever. And only look for new additions. Not index the entire music library again.

option to not connect to Xbox music service. This is needed.

My major issue is when I go into songs and want to play all. It will only play 1-2 letters worth. I.E if I hit a song starting with H, it'll only play songs in the list starting with H or I. It doesn't do all songs. I am not sure if intentional or not but it's annoying.

FLAC support and gapless playback are sorely missed. I can understand that Microsoft hoped WMA would conquer the world (but that didn't happen) so maybe that's why there's no FLAC support, but not having gapless playback is beyond comprehension! Has no one at Microsoft ever listened to a live recording? Or a concept album (Dark Side of the Moon for example)?

Please add gapless and FLAC support ASAP.


I haven't had a lot of caffeine so maybe I'm not seeing it in the above and it is there but is giving us back the option to stop cloud matching in there? The current version appears to have undone everything you guys fixed with respect to metadata in the previous Music + Video app. Honestly, my collection which includes a lot of music that isn't in the XBM catalogue has become unusable in the app. (I've had to switch over to MixRadio as a back-up).

I'd also throw my votes behind these two things:

1. Why does the app need to load my collection every time I open it? There is a few second delay with a "Looking for music..." message that I didn't get in WP8 and I don't get in MixRadio.

2. Something seems off with shuffle. I don't know exactly what it is doing, sort of feels like it is creating a playlist from a limited portion of my collection and repeating that rather than giving me a truly randomized list that changes each time I shuffle.

Great news! Please fix the album metadata issue. Most of my albums are not showing cover pics.


How about Skydrive support? So i can play and download my music straight from my skydrive account?

Thank you for this post, and the transparency. I had a hard time finding it given the different support sites Microsoft has, but I'm really glad you guys are making an effort to engage us users.

PS - I would love it if I could play more than 100 songs at a time. Some of us have really big playlists :)

The "Show artist when playing music" lock screen option doesn't work anymore either. 

Also, the store doesn't list "new music" anywhere.  What if I want to buy/download/play some of the newest Jazz albums?  There's no way to find them anymore.  That's a pretty major design flaw.  There's no way to find new music that I've downloaded to the phone either.

I kind of miss the "Buzz" panel, too... and there needs to be a on/off switch for using cellular data.  I have "Show streaming music in my collection" set to off, but it's still downloading cloud collection stuff.

Hopefully the live tile will be transparent when inactive because that solid green really clashes.

I really wish the "Picks for me" listing would come back too.  Your servers still seem to be collecting and generating that data since it still works on Zune. 

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.

* Please try a lower page number.

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