Wireless sync on Windows Phone 8

What are the options for wireless sync on windows phone 8?


I need to be able to have my phone wirlessly sync my pictures to/from my PC - this is of course well supported in WP7.5/Zune client.


Is this supported in the new client for Windows Phone 8?






I would hope some how Windows phone 8 would be able to sync via wireless. I no sure if the other phone due this but this would be awesome. If you are  wireless charging your Nokia Lumia 920 and what to still added flies, music, photo to the device. Or just sync the photo's to your laptop automaticly.

I now have a nokia lumia 920, and whilst the issue is not completely solved - you CAN use skydrive to perform wireless sync to your PC - in a way.


  • You can set WP8 to upload pictures and/or video to your skydrive account either over mobile or wifi
  • If you install the skydrive client on a PC, it will sync your skydrive pictures and video down to your PC
  • you can then set up a scheduled task to run periodically (say, once an hour) to move the files from the skydrive folder to your pictures folder. By using a MOVE (not a copy) you will delete the files from the skydrive folder, freeing up space and avoiding annoying duplicates

I`ve just set this up and it should work fine for my needs. I can see one issue though, if you need to plug your WP8 device in to add music, then this could well perform a local sync and create a bunch of duplicates. I have not tested this, so its possible there is a way to work around it or turn it off.

I`m a Zune pass subscriber, so I will use xbox music to get all my music onto the phone directly, and abandon local sync altogether.


Would be interested to hear how others get on with this.

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