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Hello, I have a Samsung Focus  (on AT&T)- I am loving the phone and Windows Phone 7.  My problem is that on occasion the Marketplace app will crash - It happens on both wifi and 3G - Usually the scenario is while surfing the marketplace (anywhere - music-apps) the application will suddenly act like it loading (little dots scrolling across the screen) then throw me back to the start screen.  Once the marketplace crashes I can return to it and it will not load, the only way to get back into the marketplace after it crashes is to turn my phone off and  on.  Is anyone else having similar problems?  My wife has the HTC Surround and hasn't had this problem (but she doesn't use the marketplace nearly as often as I do).  I would guess this is a software or marketplace issue and not a phone issue?  Anyone have any ideas?  Thank you for your time.



Hi There,

Microsoft is aware of this issue and is working on the fix. Please restart the device as a temporary workaround. Thank you all for your posts.

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