Windows Phone 7: Exchange email attachments will not download

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I have a Samsung Focus and email is configured to an Exchange 2007 server, SP2 with Rollup3.

The email comes in and when I click on the email attachment it says downloading at the top of the screen for a short second, then stops.  The paperclip icon includes a down arrow, but it never goes beyond that.  If I click the attachment again, it in effect cancels the download.  Similar steps with Google gmail, and google works perfectly.

Could this be some bug, or policy with exchange?




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Jaans replied on

For those of you using Office365 with your Windows Phone 7.


The default email policy restricts the size of you attachments (under the P1 plan).


Refer to this article on how to check and change your own ActiveSync Device Policy for your Office365 account.


This was only by fluke that I discovered why this was happening. The WP7 error message should be saying that "Download size exceeds ActiveSyn Device Policy restriction" (or something more intelligible).


Oi, I don't know why I bother giving Microsoft obvious ideas anymore...


Hope that helps someone else.

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