Keyboard freezes after adding a space

In the last day, my keyboard has stared to "freeze" after typing a space!  The space is added to the input, but then none of the keys do anything, not even delete. 

The only option is to get out of the keyboard and come back in. But even that does not work sometimes.  For instance, I just added an appointment, and when editing the description, cannot get past the first space I type.  I saved and got out, then returned to edit the appointment again.  If I exit all the way out of the calendar app, then when I return to edit, I can until I press the "space".  Once that happens, nothing more can be added.

The keyboard responds - the shift and other keys work - and when I tap a letter, it shows above the keyboard while my finger is on the key, but nothing gets added to the input area.  The cursor can be set anywhere, but the content of the input area cannot be modified in any way.  The delete key also is ineffective.

Interestingly, while the input is frozen, pressing the "return" key may change the keyboard to be uppercase, then pressing the delete key returns the keyboard to lowercase - but nothing visually changes in the input area.

So far, this has happened in:
- calendar... editing appointments
- messages... typing a text message
- email (totally non-responsive, can't type anything)
- in TouchDevelop, typing in a comment... same symptoms - can type until pressing "space"
- in "Notes" (by HTC)... same symptoms when typing content into a note
- in "Office" Word... a little different... if editing a document, can add text to the start of an existing line and add spaces. However at the end of the line, if a space is added, the input freezes and no other changes can be made anywhere in the document.

This describes the problem...  after posting this, I'll try some options with the keyboard or rebooting...

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Changing keyboard from English (US) to English (UK)... no change.

Changing keyboard from English (UK) to Japanese (Query)... typed a bit... changed back to English... no change.

In keyboard settings, all 5 options (suggest, correct, insert, insert, capitalize...) had been on... turned them all off... FIXED! 

Turned them all back on... broken again.

Starting with all of them on, turning off each one on its own:
- capitalize the first... - off - still broken
- insert a period after... - off - still broken
- insert a space after... - off - still broken
- correct... - off - FIXED.  (No suggestions being given.)
- suggest text... - off (also turns off next two) - FIXED.

Turned all keyboard settings back on... broken again.

Chose to "reset suggestions"... no change - still broken.

Did a power down to turn off the phone.  Restarted the phone...
All keyboard settings are on... FIXED.

Interestingly, my saved word spellings seem to still be there!  Not sure what is reset when "reset suggestions" is clicked!

So, after a reboot of the phone, the keyboard is working again.

Background specs:  
HTC Radar 4
WIND mobile in Canada
OS version: 7.10.8107.79

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