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Calendar entry limitations?

John Mattos asked on

Is there a limit to how many entries that can be held on the WP7 phone? Does it auto archive at all and if so how can I stop it from doing so? Can I change it so that it syncs all past appointments?

I was just in a meeting and needed to confirm what happened in an event back in August (I wrote the details in the calendar item) and it wasn't on my HD7. Luckily I had my old X1i and the event was there so I could report and I only looked stupid for a short while. It seems that the last non reoccurring event that is held on my WP7 phone is 28th October!!!! WTF???

All my entries are still in my Outlook calendar and I am syncing via Exchange which works fine with no problems. Even my old X1i works with it but there I can select what appointments I want sync'd. This is crazy!

Please can someone confirm that I have missed something and that there is a setting and what that setting is?

This is going to be a major problem if it only retains the last 2 weeks of non reoccurring data!!!!

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