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Hi there,

Although i know the WP7 update has caused issues for some, including the Samsung Omnia 7 users.  I was just wondering why the update hasn't reached me yet?  I have an HTC HD7 on the O2 network.  I haven't seen any mention of updates, Zune is all up-to-date, my phone says no update is available and so does Zune.

When should I expect this or is this a bug?...


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Joel Ivory Johnson replied on

This first update isn't going to be pushed out through all carriers (the copy and paste update, which includes the changes from this update, will be released, will be pushed out to every one). So it's possible that you won't receive this update.  Don't be concerned, it's not a bug. You'll get the copy and paste update when it rolls out.

Joel Ivory Johnson
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