Q: How to shrink "reserved space or content from other computers"?

Hi. I've got a Windows Phone 7.

My HTC Trophy has a total of 8GB of memory, but I've only got 1.17GB left. I have used 5.48GB, and "reserved space or content from other computers" has taken 2.53GB. I don't know where that came from, or what it is. I heard that it's something to do with syncing the phone(?) When I first synced my phone, I did it to the laptop memory, but later and switched all the folders to sync with an external hard drive.

Please help me shrink that "reserved space or content from other computers". Thank you.



The reserved space is where your apps and misc stuff reside.

There's a silder in the Zune software that you can set control reserved space. I belive it's under Settings>Phone, but I can't remember the sub-category.
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