all calendar entries have disappeared from Windows 7 phone

BernitaCapstick asked on
Windows 7 phone, Samsung Focus.....all of a sudden all calendar entries have disappeared.  They are still in the calendar in Hotmail.  They won't sync; I've updated the phone on Zune to see if that would help and no go.  Please any suggestions appreciated!
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dorknight replied on
I HAVE A SOLUTION!! (Worked for me at least)

I read this on another thread here, and it totally worked for me. Here is what he wrote:

"I made changes to my web calendar ( - had to open the individual calendar properties for each of my 4 calendars and change something to force a resynch with the phone.


the phone is now synching properly.  however, subscribed calendars (i am using tripit) do not seem to be synching with the live service.  this whole thing seems to be more related to live service (maybe the hotmail migration to outlook?) than to the phone..."

So what I did, was changed the reminder time from 15 minutes to something else. Then you can change it back anyways. Saved my changes, then waited a few minutes before I synced my Live account on my phone. Once I did that, I saw it was syncing all my calendar events again!! YAY!!

I hope this solution works for everyone else. But, please don't disregard the problem. We still need to push Microsoft for a fix. Not everyone is going to see this, or may be as tech savvy to figure it out.

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Shyatic replied on

Solution was on Twitter just now -- delete your Twitter account from your phone and everything syncs back up. I haven't put Twitter back yet, but it is working fine now and all my messages are back.

Anybody else post something similar?
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