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It is our hope that these FAQs will assist you in answering some of the most common questions we have encountered in the forums. We want to thank the folks from the Outlook Mobile Team for compiling this list and passing it on to us.

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Outlook Mobile :- Outlook mobile consists of several separate programs : Messaging, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks. Outlook Mobile keeps you connected to your e-mail, calendar, and contacts with the familiar Outlook features you know from your PC.


Q.     Can I save mails on a storage card? 

A.      Unfortunately at this time you’re stuck at using the main memory. I am sorry this isn’t as pleasant an experience as we would have liked it to be. Perhaps you could narrow your sync window (eg. download the past day’s messages only) or decrease the default sync size (eg. set it to 0.5 KB). If you’ve installed apps that you don’t use anymore then you could consider removing them to free up some space. Since installing apps on an SD card works, I normally install programs on the storage card. I also keep my music, pictures and other files there. It’d be ideal to be able to keep my e-mails there too, but these are some workarounds that may work.


Q.     Where are my sent items?

A.      By default the Messaging application does not sync the sent items folder.  Therefore, you may notice that your sent items folder is empty. Here is how you "fix" it :-

Pocket PC :-

1.      Menu -> Tools -> Manage Folders

2.      Select "Sent Items"

3.      Press OK

4.      Sync

Smartphone :-

1.      Menu -> Folders

2.      Menu -> Manage Folders

3.      Select "Sent Items"

4.      Press Sync

5.      Press Done

6.      Sync


Q.     Can I sync with multiple Exchange Accounts?

A.      Unfortunately it is not possible to setup more than one profile to sync with more than one exchange server on a device. Perhaps you can use IMAP or POP to sync with other exchange servers (if they provide an IMAP or POP front).


Q.     How many accounts can I have?

A.      Due to some database limitation, number of e-mail accounts is restricted to 8.  Most devices ship with 2-3 accounts preconfigured (Outlook, text messages etc).  This means you can only have 5-6 additional accounts. Some T-Mobile phones actually ship with 4 pre-created accounts, the fourth being a TZones email account, so they'll only allow 4 more accounts


Q.     Can I sort e-mails in the sent-items folder by recipient?

A.      No you can't. With its current design the email list view is optimized with a set of specially handled properties (sender, subject, and time) for better performance and in Sent folder you need recipient instead of sender, which requires some expensive database operation and will slow down performance. This is an unfortunate tradeoff we had to make between performance of more important scenario (inbox folder) and user experience of less important scenario (Sent folder) under current restriction.


Q.     How to see images/attachments in Hotmail mobile.

A.      Hotmail mobile indeed cannot see HTML/images. Use either windows live on your device if you have it. This will create an account in your messaging with the HTML functionality. You are able to forward you hotmail messages to another account (see options in Hotmail) or set up a new e-mail account in messaging.

Hotmail Settings:-

As other web based email services, Hotmail is using the HTTP protocol for connecting you to your mailbox. If you want to send and receive Hotmail emails using an email client software, then your software must support Hotmail HTTP access for your email account. Some email clients, such as Outlook Express or Microsoft Outlook, offer built-in support for Hotmail accounts, so you only have to select HTTP when you are asked to select your email account type and select Hotmail as the HTTP Mail Service Provider.



Q.     Can I multiselect contacts in the listview ?

A.      No. Multi-selecting contacts is not supported in contacts.


Q.     Can I set different ringtone for different callers ?

A.      Yes, follow the steps below :-

·          Select the contact you want the custom ring-tone for

·          Edit the contact by pressing Menu > Edit

·          Scroll down to the 'Custom Ring Tone' field and assign the ring tone

·          Save the contact


Q.     Does Contacts application support groups or distribution lists ?

A.      No, currently we don’t support groups or distribution lists.


Q.     Is there a way to hide SIM contacts ?

A.      Yes. Modify the following registry key: HKCU\ControlPanel\Phone Key: ShowSim and set the value to 0.


Q.     How come some Outlook fields are not sync-ed to device?

A.      We decided to omit some less frequently used fields from the desktop Outlook to reduce number of fields showing on the Contact Edit Card on device. We felt that the Edit Card would be difficult to use if we have too many fields on it. I am sorry that this is affecting you. As you pointed out, you would need to move the Other / Other Fax to the fields that we support synchronization.


Q.     What’s the easiest way of adding pictures to contacts ?

A.      Love seeing pictures in contacts?  Here's an easy way to add it: If you sync with outlook (desktop or server sync) then add pictures to your contacts in Outlook.  They will sync over to the phone.


Q.     How to skip multiple letters in contacts ?

A.      In Contacts, you can bring up the letter chooser by hoding Up or Down for a period of time.  Once it is showing, Up and Down will increment the letter one at a time.  You can use Left or Right to increment or decrement 5 letters at a time.




Q. Can I sync two different calendars?

A. No, on WM6, this ability does not exist. It is an idea under consideration for the next release cycle. If you sync to two different calendar sources (via desktop sync, for example), you will see “cross-pollination” of the calendar items between the two calendars.



Q. How can I filter out my completed tasks?

A. There’s currently no way to keep from syncing completed tasks. You can filter them out by choosing Filter > Active Tasks from the main menu. At present, your only option to not sync the completed tasks is to delete them from your store. Allowing the user to not sync these tasks without deleting them is an idea under consideration for the next release.


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