0x80188308 error at Critical Update for phone reboot issue


Getting the error 0x80188308 / 80188308 error when trying to install the critical update to fix random reboot issue for Windows Phone 8.1

***And so I post this to bring the issue to the attention of Microsoft***



HTC 8X Windows 8.1 with update 1 installed

OS version: 8.10.14203.306

Firmware revision number: 3030.0.52009.605

2.24  GB memory available

fully charged

WiFi enabled

Verizon carrier




- update downloads fine

- 'Preparing to install' progress to 72%...pauses awhile...advances to 78% pauses...finally to 100%
- offers to 'install'.....select 'install'

- phone restarts...HTC...Verizon.... gears....restart...HTC....Verizon....Windows....lockscreen....

- Check Phone Updates....fails with error message 0x80188308...try again later

Multiple attempts fail

Can't update phone
It's probably a temporary problem. Try again, go to Settings > Phone update (0x80188308)

Sorry, but we are having trouble updating your phone. Please try again in a little while (80188308)


From other refs to this MS updating  error I see something about insufficient 'System install space' (not User space), about which nothing can be done to alleviate by the user. MS seems to have re-packaged the update in the past to go-around this error/problem.

Question: Can MS address this issue/provide a fix/re-packaged update please? This seems to be a reoccurring issue with the Windows Phone 8 updates. 

Note: I tried the MS 'Stop Restart' fixit at link below to no avail...it just defaults back to 'need to install update first'.



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Update (8/5):

We have made another publishing change to the mandatory update which we believe should fix outlying HTC 8X devices still getting the prompt for the "Critical" update (again, only this "critical"/"important" update has been stopped). Just as before, your device may need to fail the install on the currently downloaded update and/or wait for the update to age-off after a few days before it re-scans Microsoft's update servers and finds there is no update available any longer. 

Update (7/13):

To address the ongoing update failure (80188308) experienced by some HTC 8X and 8XT phones, we've stopped delivery the mandatory update to these devices. Within a few days these phones will stop prompting you to download and install the mandatory update. The vast majority of these HTC 8X and 8XT phones already applied a similar fix to the mandatory update by taking advantage of an existing 'self-healing' system component. To learn more about the situation and how to use an app to confirm your phone is OK and will not restart periodically, go to this page.  

Microsoft remains committed to ensuring HTC phones have a great experience on Windows Phone, and will continue to work with HTC for future improvements and solutions to impacted phones. 

Update (6/24):

For those of you who are doing or plan to do a hard reset as a means of getting the update installed, a bit of advice to improve your chances of success:

After performing the hard reset (Settings > About, reset phone) do not restore from backup. Instead, skip signing in and go directly to Settings > Phone update and download any pending updates. Once the updates are installed, hard reset again and this time you should restore from backup. The difference is that you'll be restoring to a fully updated phone. 

Update (6/23)

Hey everyone - so here's the situation so far. First, we know why you are failing with this error. As many of you have correctly identified, the issue is related to lack of system partition space; a storage area of the phone you can't manage directly, for the most part. Performing actions like a hard reset or even restarting, etc. can influence the overall size of what's taking up space there and is why some of you have reported success by doing those things. 

Second, we're republishing the mandatory update as a prerequisite "hard stop". Meaning, it'll download and install by itself first instead of as a co-install with other update(s), which some of you may have been receiving. Since the update is very small in size this way, we expect it'll increase the success rate dramatically. However...

The update you already have downloaded may stay on your phone for up to five days before it 'times out' and you can go and re-check for the update we are actively republishing. Performing a hard reset would also allow for this more immediately, of course, but many of you may choose to wait and see how it goes when your phone re-pulls the update after the 'time out' period.  

That all said, future updates or other existing and pending updates that are larger in size may still fall into the same situation you are currently experiencing. The issue with the system partition space getting filled unnecessarily is something Microsoft has worked with HTC on in the past, as other phones aren't necessarily afflicted by the same, and will continue to look into this. 

Original (6/22):  

Thanks to all who have raised this issue for our awareness and attention. 

While some of the suggested work arounds may work for some, I recognize that these steps aren't working for everyone.

Microsoft is actively looking into this problem, and I will reply back when I have more information to share.

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