Q: Windows Mobile Device Center does not connect with HTC TyTN II

I have read several posts with other people having HTC phones that can't connect with WMDC and and none of the fixes offered seem to work for me.

Here's what I got....  A Brand new Sony Vaio VGN-FW170J/W with Windows Vista Home premium 64bit.  4 gigs of Ram. 320 gig Hard drive
                              2.26 Intel Dual Core processor...

I'm trying to connect it to:
                                        An AT&T Tilt AKA HTC TyTn II with Win Mo 6.1

I've tried both USB cable connection and Bluetooth with no luck thus far.

I have updated all the drivers and installed all of the Vista updates available including SP2... I even deleted WMDC and reinstalled it with the most current version 6.1.6965.0 I could find on Microsoft and still no connection...

I plug in my Tilt and my PC beeps acknowledging the USB connection.... WMDC is supposed to load but it does I load it myself and it still does nothing. Say's "Not Connected"  I looked in the device manager and my phone appears under "Mobile Devices" as a "HTC USB Sync.

I tried it with "Advanced Network Functionality" both checked and unchecked on my phone under "USB to PC" and it makes no difference... no connection.

I called Sony and they spent over an hour on the phone with me trying to help me get it working and again no luck. Sony even sent a tech to my home to replace the USB module and motherboard in case it was a hardware issue and that too did nothing.

 I've tried everything I can find on this subject to get this thing to connect to no avail.
I then tried to connect them via Bluetooth however that failed as well..... Now I keep getting a pop up asking me to install a driver for a "Bluetooth Peripheral device"   Windows can't find the driver for this device so it's now asking me for it,.
I have no idea what is going on with this thing and any help would be greatly appreciated.

as a note: I plugged my phone into my old Win XP laptop and it immediately connects with activesync and Sync's perfectly...   Now I just need to get this Vista to connect so I can toss my old laptop. It's worn out.

If anyone has any idea please help..... I really need my phone to sync so I don't have to carry my laptop to work everyday.

Thank you.




Let's try this. Uninstall WMDC and reboot your computer. Connect your phone to the USB port on your computer and install WMDC.

Let me know if this help.

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I might also try removing the device from device manager while it is connected via USB.  Now disconnect the device, soft reset and reboot the PC.  Now uncheck Advanced Network Functionality and connect again via USB.  The drivers should reload and hopefully it will start the partnership process.
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Sorry this didn't help.

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