Q: Sync problems with HTC Touch requiring complete resync


This is becoming frustrating.  Had used other PDAs before, then got HTC Touch (WM6).  D/L and installed ActiveSync 4.5.  Initially sync appears ok.  Worked a few times.


What happens almost everything I sync is, after a long sync time with Outlook2003 on WinXPsp2, ActiveSync will show a msg indicating a sync error, and a while later on the HTC there'll be a message saying that due to changes to Outlook (or PC can't remember which), need to do complete resync.  I'm not sure what settings I lose, but I find that only Inbox is sync, other folders specificed for syncing show up empty on the PDA, and selecting options in ActiveSync|email|folders I find that all the folders I selected are reset to default (i.e. no folders).


Why does this happen and how to fix?



A related thread with Microsoft staff present can be found at:



Whomever reads to the end of this thread as I have, let me summarize.  I've read every forum on the Internet I could find about this problem.  Here's what I know 99.9% for sure.


First off, if you can't sync at all (error 8503001C) this isnt' the right thread for you.  Go elsewhere for this problem.


Second, it is NOT a VISTA problem.  But I know a lot of people have various problems with Vista so it's easy to jump to the assumption is must be Vista.


Third, it is an Activesync 4.5.0 problem.  Not the .0 at the end indicating this is Microsoft's first release of 4.5.  It should not be a surprise to anyone that a .0 Microsoft product has bugs like this.


Fourth, it is caused by synching e-mail, nothing else.  As one user pointed out (I think their tag ends with 'loser' - no pun intended), all you have to do is disable synching your Outlook e-mail and the problem will go away.  Well GEE what a genius idea, isn't that a great solution.  I'd say what, like 80% of all AS users are using it so they can synch their e-mail (90% their contacts.)  That's like saying there is a bug in Word when you try to print your document, so just don't print and wa la, you won't have the problem anymore!  But I do give him credit that so far it seems to be the only for sure, reproduceable solution!  But you have to live without having your outlook e-mail synched to your PDA, ya, right.


One big complaint, and I agree, is that this is such a widespread problem, it is surprising MS has not investigated and issued a new AS version to fix the problem, or at least a KB article for a workaround?  Does anyone know where I could go to actually PAY MS to troubleshoot my problem? 





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Sorry this didn't help.




I am not sure why you say this forum is dead.  Just because Microsoft employees are not posting doesn't mean this forum is not able to help.


I have not had a recurrance of the problem since I discontinued syncing with my outlook email.  I really did not need this capability anyway.  The real test will be when I get back from this business trip as the problem almost always occurs after a long trip away from home office with limited syncing occuring during trip. 


I have not had the error again since deleting the synchronization of Outlook email with my windows mobile device.  If this remains true after I return from my current road trip on Sunday, I think I will say with confidence that the source of the error code is the buggy Outlook email sync.


Of course in order to post an update, I will have to delete all cookies since microsofts forum software is totally buggy and will not let me post unless all cookies are cleared (go figure).


ps. If MS reps do read this, please ask your management to change to more stable user friendly forum software.  This software is horrible.

Did this solve your problem?

Sorry this didn't help.

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