Q: Connected, but cannot verify version of ActiveSync on the PPC. AS 4.5. WM6.

Yesterday without any cause I can identify the ActiveSync partnership between XP SP2 plus patches laptop and WM 6 Classic device stopped working. After successful initial stuff, got "Active Sync cannot be completed." Treated device as a "guest."

Uninstalled and reinstalled ActiveSync. ActiveSync on the laptop goes into "Connected" status but message comes up saying unable to verify the ActiveSync version of the device. It mentioned firewall as a possible culprit so I turned off the XP firewall. No change. Local Area Network connection is there for "Windows Mobile Device #4" at 10 Mbs, it is connected. Only one device has ever sync'd with this laptop. Attempt to explore the device gets an empty explorer window for "Mobile Device." Attempt at add/remove software gets a "can't retrieve software info from the device."

All ActiveSync stuff is via USB cable.

Anyhow, my working hypothesis is that the ActiveSync on the device is dented or broken. I have wi-fi access from the device to the world.

1) Is there any useful diagnostic info I can collect on the device, using tools that already exist there?

2) Is there any way I can download the device side of ActiveSync directly to the device via wi-fi to do a reinstall from the device side? Any other device-and-web repair strategies?

3) Is there any possible benefit in trying to sync via Bluetooth? I tried this before, when things in general were fine, and couldn't get it to work.

4) I suppose I can try to sync with another laptop.

5) Any other things I can do before doing a hard reset of the device? No, I don't have backups beyond what ActiveSync and individual software products provide.




Check out this guide that Jaap van Ekris did on Bluetooth sync



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