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Nokia 808 Pureview, focusing problems

muerte---01 asked on


I tried to search for similar topics, but couldn't find good enough match in the existing ones. I think I have a problem with my 808 camera. I'm struggling almost every time, when I'm trying to use the autofocus. Especially in the close-up situations. It's not only limited to close-up though, it is sometimes also impossible to get a "green rectangle" in regular Automatic-mode also. Even if I manage to get the green rectangle, which should mean a successful focus, the end result is often very blurred. The only photos I'm able to take with proper focus are those, that are taken in very well lit environment (such as sunshine from behind, etc.). Indoors and cloudy days are very difficult. I know the device settings very well, so it is not a "user malfunction". I'll make few bullets of the situation:

- Successful focusing only under perfect light

- Green rectangle only, if there is a big contrast between the object that I want to focus on, and the background
- Sometimes, even when I'm outdoors, I need to use some extra object to be able to focus, for example, on a tree leaf. White paper behind the leaf, and then the 808 gives me the green rectangle. Not without. And you know, it focuses that extra 1 cm behind the leaf, and the end result is not perfect

- Same thing with other modes than close-up.

- I've had N8 for over two years, and it still beats my 808 hands down, in the focusing and close-ups

Here is a video of me trying to focus on a coffee cup. Settings: PureView 8MP, Close-up, all other settings automatic. The distance to the cup is minimum 15 cm (20-30 cm for most of the trials). Shooted with a fixed-foxus C7, so not the optimal quality, but you'll see what I mean:


So, I would like to receive some opinions, as I don't have another 808 to make any comparisons. Is this normal, or should I take my device to a Nokia Care for some inspection?

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