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N95 Bluetooth "Sending Failed" WHY?

marccccc---01 asked on

Nokia n95 8Gb 



Sending photos from the n95  to the PC used to work but now it doesn't.  Just stopped working reason unknown.  Same bluetooth dongle. Same computer.  Same phone. 


I tried changing the date separator from  " / "  into a " : "   but that made no difference either, it still says "Sending Failed". Even if I unplug the bluetooth dongle, the phone still says "Sending Failed", so it's a just useless unhelpful message stating the obvious.


Why does phone only say "Sending Failed" anyway?    Why doesn't the n95 display information it has about the sending failure?    I'm not a digital mind-reader, even a diagnostic error code (don't tell me, Nokia doesn't code for error-handling.. ) would be help, but no, nothing, it just says "Sending Failed" as though saying 'tough luck m8, I'm clocking out now'.  


Even a Tamagotchi virtual pet tells you what went wrong but all we get with Nokia is "Sending Failed". 


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