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Belle FP2 T9/Alphanumeric keyboard MUCH worse than before

AlexKerr---01 asked on

I'm finding the design of the T9/Alphanumeric keyboard in Belle FP2 (on my 808) MUCH worse than the old keyboard.


Contrary to popular belief, LOTS of people use the T9/Alphanumeric keyboard, and find it the fastest and easiest way to type. While I like FP2 generally, and appreciate the changes to the keyboard improve the experience for portrait or landscape Qwerty, for the T9/Alphanumeric, they have unfortunately made it considerably slower and more difficult, irritating and frustrating to use.


1.) The worst thing is that rather than being able to tap the bottom left number key to get alternative words for the key sequence you've pressed, you now get the list of words to choose along the top of the keyboard. This is actually MUCH slower and more frustrating than simply repeatedly tapping the bottom left key to get to the word you want.


2.) Everything you type has a space automatically put after it. For normal words this is fine, but for anything else like mixed number and letter sequences, certain punctuation (e.g. putting a dash - between things) and various other things, it's really annyoing having to manually delete the space.


3.) If you want to capitalise a word in the course of a typing a message, e.g. a person's name, you hit the shift/uppercase key and it is ignored every single time as the keyboard does immediately go uppercase, but then immediately goes lower case again before you've had the change to type the initial first letter of the name (etc).


4.) The arrow keys that only appear some of the time make the above problems even worse when you need to correct the above problems, because unless you tap on the text you've already written, the arrow keys to move the cursor don't appear, and sometimes the arrow keys then disappear again. This often then leaves you with the cursor in the wrong place and the only way to put it into the right place is to tap on EXACTLY the right place on the text you've written to position the cursor.


5.) Selecting punctuation is terrible, you can't just cycle through punctuation like you used to.


6.) The old keyboard recognised words with apostrophes, like you've, you're, I'm etc. The new one does not, and the above problems with selecting words, and positioning the cursor mean that you're left with something like "I.Ve" on the screen instead of "I've" and there are then no arrow keys to correct it.


7.) You used to be able to actually see the punctuation that made up smileys, e.g. you'd see ": )" (space between so punction remains here, but I mean just colon followed by right bracket) before it turned into the smiley graphic. Now you can't so you're not sure if you've typed the right thing, and recipients might get the wrong one because most people type these by using the characters not the graphic (trust me this happens).


8.) The way of selecting special characters and punctuation is really annoying being split across 3 screens rather than one like before - slower and more irritating.


Note that the old T9 predictive keyboard is still there in the OS, e.g. the Google Maps Symbian app running on FP2 still has the old keyboard - such a relief!


ALL the above problems can be solved quickly and easily by Nokia simply adding in an option in the Phone Language settings to use the old T9 predictive keyboard instead of the new one.


Please fix this ASAP Nokia!

(especially no excuse as FP2 is currently withdrawn for fixes - please make this one of them!)

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