Is there a way I can Upgrade Nokia E65 to support WHATSAPP

Just like my Grand Mother always say......."There are somethings that deserve A Whole Life Live Long", my Nokia E65 Smart phone is one of them. I like this smart phone due to Its extensive software equipment is an apparent necessity. Android phones are currently flocking the market today with their attractive and installable APKs which has various wide-range of productivity benefits in the current trending technology of today from Social Network apps to 4G signal Transmission, I think Nokia should come up with some Updates to enable the Unsupported Whatsapp series to continue to enjoy just like any other Android users do. Especially Nokia E65.

Or in case there is already away to enable Nokia E65 to support Whatsapp, can someone Help me on this issue?

Hi, SirdickOmondi. We understand where you're coming from. Have you checked the Opera Mobile Store if this app is available for your Nokia E65? You can use this link as your reference: Be reminded that app availability depends on the discretion of its publisher. In case that the app is not available on the Store, we recommend coordinating with WhatsApp through their contact page: Hope this helps.  
You've got an 8 year old phone running Symbian S60 3rd not even S60 3rd FP1 which would probably be short of memory anyway, so not surprising that WhatsApp has to draw the line somewhere.
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Nokia should come up with some updates … especially [for the] Nokia E65.

Did you consider a phone model based on Nokia Symbian/S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2, like the Nokia 6710 Navigator? Beside a

B) Nokia E72

C) Nokia E52

D) Nokia 6720 classic

E) N86 8MP

this model is one of the (very few) non-touch based phones, which can be used for Internet services even today. For example, even phones released in early 2009 (like the Nokia E75) were left behind somehow, because it did not get free navigation in Nokia Maps officially. So, if you still like your Symbian/S60 3rd Edition based phone, I would go for one of these five today – especially because they still easy to get on eBay; even in good condition.


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