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Lumia 920 Data Usage

s3r4ph---01 asked on



Does anybody here know how I can track my data usage?

I couldn't find a single bit of info to tell me how much of data I've used. That's quite shocking as I really liked the Data Sense feature shown in the phone's unveiling a few months back. I just found out that your mobile carrier has to support the feature(which makes absolutely no sense) and so far only Verizon supports it.


That causes a massive problem not just for me, but pretty much any non-Verizon Lumia 920/820 phone owner. I have no reference to how much data Windows Phone 8 uses, how much I've already used and can't tell when I need to top up my data plan.


I've heard about Nokia Counters for WP 7.5/7.8 phones, but it doesn't support the 920's resolution.


What apps are other people using, and Nokia, are you even working on providing this kinda functionality for the 90% of your owners? I need something, doesn't have to have flashy graphics or anything. Even something in Betalabs would do. Anything to tell me how much data's been used soo far

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adrianhughesNSD replied on
hi there buddy,

as far as i've seen in the Store, there are no such apps available for Nokia WP8 devices as of yet. I too would commend a decision to release Nokia Counters for WP8, that would be highly useful. and i think Data Sense would be most beneficial in being a platform thing, not just restricted to certain carriers.

As this is a user to user forum, you can leave feedback directly with Nokia at the BetaLabs website or by clicking the Nokia Support link at the bottom of this page. You can also contact Microsoft directly at the link: http://windowsphone.uservoice.com
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