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Email suddenly not syncing - error code 800C0000

Dysh asked on
Hello, I have had the HTC HD7 through T-Mobile for several months now and this evening one of my email accounts has spontaneously stopped syncing. I get the error code 800C0000, which another member was able to fix by changing the download settings. This fix has not worked for me and I was wondering if there was any other options out there for correcting this error. This email has worked since I first got the phone, and no settings have been changed. It was working correctly at noon, then at 3pm it started with the error. Thanks for the help.
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Nuria S. - Microsoft Support replied on

Hi Dysh,

Thanks for your contribution to the forums.

This issue may be caused by any email with a problematic document attached. Please, have a look at this thread:

Let us know if this information helped you.


Nuria S.

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JohannesLive replied on
I found the solution:

The problem is that the Mail app refueses to sync if an email has a character it cannot understand.

For example: This email:

The character "ß" in line 38 will lead to error 800C0000 and render the whole email account UNUSABLE!

This is an extremely stupid bug on Microsoft's side!

This can even be considered dangerous, as sending out such email, will prevent users from accessing their email accounts!
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