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I started getting unusual error when ever I try to execute windows phone 7 app from visual studio 2010. It says “connection failed because of invalid command line arguments”. Everything was fine before but suddenly something went wrong and I started getting this error. I checked solution on MS forums but none em worked for me. I tried to run VS 2010 in admin mode, I tried to delete suo, .usr files and tried reinstalling WP SDK. But I’m still getting the same error. When ever I try to deploy app in my WP 7, it seems it crashes as soon as it deploys.


Any solutions or work around for this problem ? your help and time is highly appreciated.






Hi amoghphadke,

Sounds like you're not using an app but trying to develop one. If that is the case, I suggest you go the App Hub for additional help. This is where all the Windows Phone developers go for free resources, training and help.

I hope this helps!

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