Windows 10 Mobile Camera saving images as .jpg.thumb

Evazan21 asked on

I have been having issues with the camera app on my Lumia 640.  If HDR is on the camera app hangs with a message that reads "Saving...".  After waiting 10 minutes the only way to get out of this was to restart the phone.

If HDR is off when I go to the gallery after taking a picture adding finishing touches is displayed for 2-3 minutes.  When it finally finishes the picture is saved as WP_xxxxxxxx_xx_xx_xx_Pro.jpg.thumb and can not be opened in any other applications.

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LenaAlami replied on

I'm having exactly the same problem, for about 3 or 4 weeks now. Saving the pictures into a weird format that I then can't open, can't send pictures on to people via text attachment. Also does the whole 'saving' thing which the only way to fix is to turn my phone off and restart. Microsoft, please fix this bug because I'm about to throw my phone out of the window!!!
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