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Weight Watchers and LoseIt Apps For Windows Phones

Parker_22218 asked on
Weight watchers and LoseIt are popular apps and wonderful tools for individuals losing weight and striving for a healthier and manageable weight. My windows phone is awesome and I would love to be able to access these apps. Can someone tell me if there are plans to launch these apps soon.
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Cardsfan311 replied on

I too just upgraded to a Nokia phone running Win 8. I was disappointed (but not surprised) that WW doesn't yet have an app for the platform. That being said however, I tried several times to use the WW app on my wife's Android and found it to be totally useless. Every time I tried to use the Points Plus calculator, the phone would lock up. In general, I found the app to be very non-intuitive. Anyway, back to the question at hand. What I've ended up doing is use the mobile web site. Of course if you try to use IE 10 on the Win 8 phone, you'll find that the website won't display. There's an issue with their website's compatability mode coding. So, I downloaded the UC Browser app and it displays the WW mobile site with no problems and the site is very user friendly. Additionally, as a bonus, I found that I really like the UC Browser in general. Hope this helps.

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Entegy replied on
You have to contact Weight Watchers and ask if they have plans for a Windows Phone version of their apps.
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