gps problem in lumia 535

Hi..i have problem in my new Lumia 535. My maps, here drive cannot detect my location. In maps its point not exactly where I am. I have turn on location..turn on/turn off internet and hard reset for several time..its can't be solved. I tried compared to my friend's phone same model and it performs well than me. I really need to use this function. Anyone can share with me.

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have you authorised the app to use your location ?

Yes, I have authorised. But still not respond accurately

Take the phone outside, no tall buildings around, clear access to the sky.

Start Here Maps, You should see the location services icon at the top when it starts, the round target looking icon. It should come up for a few seconds.

Let the phone work on finding your location for at least 4 to 5 minutes. Give it a chance to work.

It does no good to continually turn on and off location services. It actually takes longer to find your location if it has just been turned back on

Lumia 1520.3 Surface RT
My 535 have the same problem. But it works some time. I can't wait half of a day to work the GPS.

I have the same problem with Lumia 535 dual sim.

I tested simultaneously three phones Lumia 630, Lumia 535 and android at a few places in the city. I used all kinds of apps, from gps tracker to gps satellites.

Lumia 630 and android find the signal quickly and precisely, while the Lumia 535 always has a problem not only with precision, but finding a signal at all. 

It is incredible that Microsoft makes the first phone with their name with such a problem, which prevents the use of maps, navigation and what is most important to me for running applications.

I expect an update for Lumia 535 to fix the problem.

Just walk out from Nokia store with lots of disappointments....why you do this to your first phone, Microsoft...they cant solve the problem asking go service center. Now I have to back to my iphone.

I think no need for me to explain. Gps, here drive, waze is totally not working. Was perfect with cyan. Does not work at all with denim.

Waze says no gps . Here drive choking cannot drive and use.

Please, we had try all the methods.

Going outdoors, wait the rain to over to get clear sky, do not fear of bird ****, fire up waze or here drive and wait forever.... all these we had done. Even moving around SD card and phone memory. No luck. Uninstall and reinstall also. Finally reset the phone. Still the same problem there.

I attached real screen cap from Waze. You will see it is working in this picture but is not. Showing "No GPS" up there.

 i got the same problem of yours on my 535... But initially (i mean during the first 2 weeks since i bought the phone) it worked properly, without any problem with gps using maps, here drive or waze... anyone knows if we can send the phone back to microsoft to let them fix the problem? is it a hardware or software problem? microsoft should hurry... it's such a shame
Yes. Please post the same problems here hopefully we could get fix soon.
Hi guys, same issue with my 535 - GPS don´t find the proper signal. Compared to the lumia 520 - signal in the same place get imidiately connected to the satelites and get the location.

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