Verizon not carrying Lumina 950s

Can someone tell me why Verizon and Microsoft are not working together.

I am a long time Verizon customer and Microsoft support technician and want

the 950XL but now I am going to have to change carries.  

Why is Verizon not going to carry your phones ?


Microsoft does neither leverage Microsoft Answers as feedback channel nor to communicate availability. Why ever. Therefore here, your comment drown within the Internet swarm. Please, continue and select ‘Me Too’ in that thread…

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Refer to the following FAQ: (Does my Lumia work on the Verizon carrier)

This goes slightly offtopic, but:

Abi99: these forums are mainly intended for peer-to-peer discussions, rather than assisted support (where moderators would actively participate). But we do frequently monitor the feedback coming through here, especially for the new Windows 10 phones.

The question is WHY??? AT&T coverage is horrible in of all places California and most of the Western US. I am assuming it probably is not great in the rural East either. I would think Microsoft would want to make a phone that would work in their own areas. I am very frustrated by this. I work for the University of California and do a lot of traveling through the state. I love the ease of moving between windows devices but I am totally understanding why so many of my colleagues are moving to Apple  now that the UC is supporting them. I may be the next.

I am on AT&T (15yrs) and I have never had any call or phone issues.  My coverage was beautiful in Amarillo, Dallas, all parts in Florida, Northern and Southern California.  I went on AT&T originally due to the coverage in Amarillo, TX 10 years ago.

My Lumia 925 worked fantastic, and my phones before that. However, I just recently switch to a 650 and now have countless issues.  I don't know if it is the phone, Win 10, or what. 


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