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PC Suite Bluetooth: Cannot Authenticate the Phone - Work Around

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This message can sometimes appear when you have installed Nokia PC Suite and wish to connect via Bluetooth.

Normally this is related to the Bluetooth Stack, and the version that you are using, particularly with the Widcomm Stack.

An alternate is to try and force the Microsoft Stack into use.

This proceedure I performed on a Dell Inspiron Mini-9 and it works fine.

Please Note:
This description means that you need to be at least proficent with the Windows XP operating system, and understand its functions. I have tried to make this as easy as possible but you should have confidence to do this proceedure. The proceedure may also work with Windows Vista But I have not needed to try it.

What we are going to do is alter the Bth.inf file which is located in the c:\windows\inf folder.

1. First of all Navigate to the c:\windows\inf folder, it is hidden so you will need to either enter directly the address into Explorer or unhide folders

2. Find and Make a Backup Copy of bth.inf file so that you can restore it should things go wrong

3. Open device manager and find your bluetooth device open it and go to the properties tab, then find the Hardware ID. it will look something like this (but NOT Exactly):

4. Note down the hardware ID exactly then unplug the Bluetooth or Switch it off if it is an internal one. Then uninstall your current bluetooth software.

5. Now navigate to your BTH.INF file, and open it with notepad. In the list of devices, there will be many manufacturers. Yours may be made by one of these companies but its model may not be listed.
In this example we will use a Belkin made device.

Scroll down to
;------------ Device section - Start -----------------------
and Find the list of Belkin (or your make if listed) Devices in that section.

Belkin Bluetooth Adapter=     BthUsb, USB\Vid_050d&Pid_0081
Belkin Bluetooth Adapter=     BthUsb, USB\Vid_050d&Pid_0084

6. Enter in a new line underneath the last entry in the section that is exactly the same as your device id our example is USB\VID_0A5C&PID_200A so it now looks like this:

Belkin Bluetooth Adapter=     BthUsb, USB\Vid_050d&Pid_0081
Belkin Bluetooth Adapter=     BthUsb, USB\Vid_050d&Pid_0084
New Belkin Bluetooth=         BthUsb, USB\VID_0A5C&PID_200A

Making sure that the hardware ID is in the same format as the existing ones.

7. Save the BTH.INF file and then plug back in your Bluetooth Device or Switch it back on, the driver sequence should now go through and install the Microsoft Stack.

8. If it does not and it continues to use the older non functional driver, you will need to go into device manager, select your bluetooth device, and the right click and select Update Driver, and then follow the sequence through of installing a driver from a list of usable drivers in this sequence there will be two drivers the original one and the Microsoft one, it is the Microsoft one that we need to select.

9. The driver sequence will install various bluetooth related services, and then finish. When it has done, you can then go back to Nokia PC Suite, and then attempt to re-pair your phone to the computer. This time only the Microsoft Stack will be available.


Message Edited by shuntfield on 13-Nov-2008 03:35 PM

Dear i Failed to Edit bth.inf File.. its some kind of User Security..plzz help me in this regard my Hard Ware Id is 

"BTHENUM\GENERIC_DEVICE " how to add it in that file..Will you tell me exact syntax..


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