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In Outlook for Mac (2015), the weather bar that displays above the calendar allows me to manually add locations, but I can't remove them.  In addition, if the option to 'Update Location Automatically' is selected and then permission for Outlook access to your location is not given, the option remains greyed out with no way of being able to select it again.

I've completely removed Outlook, including the all Office entries in the ~/Library/ Group Containers, but when I reinstall from new, all of the manually added weather locations are still there, and the 'Update Location Automatically' option is still greyed out.  I've tried disabling and re-enabling the weather display in Preferences, but it doesn't change anything.

I guess what would be useful to know is where, in addition to ~/Library/ Group Containers, does Outlook for Mac save user settings - in particular the one that controls the weather bar.  Failing that, any way to reset the weather display back to its default.




I created a webpage entry for this issue for future reference:


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