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I have a Word .docx forms server that I use constantly.  The forms are downloadable over the internet and arrive in protected view.  In Windows 7 Word the instant I attempt to edit one of these forms a dialog box opens asking if I want to "enable editing."  Clicking yes makes the form editable. In Word for Mac 2011 I can find no way to enable editing.  What function does Word for Mac 2011 have to enable editing of such protected documents?



Word for Windows provides a variety of protection options or levels not offered in the Mac version [or earlier Windows versions, for that matter]. If any of those features are used when the file is created on a PC, Mac Word is able to recognize the document only as "protected". Accordingly, no part of the document can be edited.

I'm afraid that any type of Form or document that is to be shared cross-platform has to have certain platform specific distinctions taken into consideration when the document is designed.

Office 365 may be an option worth considering.
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