Q: A Word doc with parallel columns in parallel languages

I want to create such a multi-page document, such that it displays text [of English, e.g.] in one column with a side-by-side column displaying the translation of that text in another language, so that there is a rough correspondence, left-to-right, of the text in one language next to its translation.  Having made two columns, I imagine using column breaks, perhaps, to train the flow along each side of each page.



For something like this you do not want to use Columns. Text in columns flows top-to-bottom, left-to-right as you would see in a newspaper or magazine.

Instead, use a 2-column Table which enables content in the right column adjacent to the corresponding content in the left column. The table can be formatted to not have the borders display if you wish. A rough example based on limited capability here;

This is the English text which can go on for as long as necessary

This is the translation

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