How to turn ON/OFF Microsoft Two-Step Verification

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*Authentication is a user authentication system where an user needs to provide two different factors to authorize the user’s identity. It is not a new concept and in many places we are knowingly or unknowingly using it for secure access. We are commonly using it in multiple places where we have strong security concerns. For example, your debit card or credit card. That also uses a two-factor authentication system.

How to turn ON/OFF Microsoft Two-Step Verification

1. Login to https://account.live.com/

2. Once logged in, you will see the below settings page “Security & Privacy”. On the home page, click “Security & Privacy”.

3. On the “Security & Privacy” Page, click on “Manage advanced security” link.

4. You will see a page where you will find a link to “Set up two-step verification” or “Turn Off” Two-step verification as shown below: 

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