How to turn ON/OFF Microsoft Two-Step Verification

*Authentication is a user authentication system where an user needs to provide two different factors to authorize the user’s identity. It is not a new concept and in many places we are knowingly or unknowingly using it for secure access. We are commonly using it in multiple places where we have strong security concerns. For example, your debit card or credit card. That also uses a two-factor authentication system.

How to turn ON/OFF Microsoft Two-Step Verification

1. Login to

2. Once logged in, you will see the below settings page “Security & Privacy”. On the home page, click “Security & Privacy”.

3. On the “Security & Privacy” Page, click on “Manage advanced security” link.

4. You will see a page where you will find a link to “Set up two-step verification” or “Turn Off” Two-step verification as shown below: 


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You don't realize how much help this is. I will be adding this as a tip on a website I created about Mac office2011/365 (mac) issues. For Some reason Two factor authentication if its turned on for Mac causes sign in issues. Big time. I will add the link to this thread.  You may be the savior for hundreds of Mac Users. 

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Thanks again! I posted it here because I will be using it everyday to help Office for Mac users. :)

two step verification code. How to turn if off FOR REAL?

the turn off DOES NOT turned off by clicking on it. I did it! more than once. Also, the turn off shows up only once in a while, usually it is "setup the 2 step verification...". I don't want to set it up, I already have the inconvenient 2 step verification there. I regret so badly to have gotten into this! I thought it would be helpful. It's super annoying. It's affecting me awfully because I can't get in my gmail at work, the codes go to my phone at home, I don't have and will not buy a cell and don't want one. I can't get in my gmail at work, for 2 days cannot do my work business communications because they are all done through gmail. The codes are sent all the time to my home. I enter on gmail many times a day and the computer go "log off" if I don't need to be in it and I will not change that. I have to wait to go home and every second they send me a new code again. It is beyond frustrating. I DO NOT WANT THIS 2 STEP VERIFICATION. I MUST TURN IF OFF asap FOR ME TO GET IN MY GMAIL AT WORK, I need you to tell me how to turn if off FOR REAL. thanks, daisy

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I use windows 7

Thank you so much for your advice.  I don't really know how I got locked out of my subscription but this advice certainly worked!