New font not on font list in Powerpoint?

drjanetm asked on
I installed a new font on my Mac for use in a Powerpoint presentation.

The font does not show up on the font list, even after restarting the computer and Powerpoint.  I can, however, type the font name in the font box and get the font to work that way.

Any idea how I can get it to show up in the list, though?

(Apologies if this is in the wrong forum, I'm new to this!)
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ZuhuraPlummer replied on

I just installed a new font and it didn't show up. Just closed all office stuff and reopened and it was there. Didn't have to do anything else. This is on a PC
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Stefan_B_ replied on

I had the same problem and solved it. I had over 11.000 fonts in YourUsername > Library > Fonts. This seems to be the problem.

1. delete (or copy to your desktop) all fonts in YourUsername > Library > Fonts

2. clear the program and system caches. I did it with FontExplorer. As far as I know you can also do it with terminal commands.

3. restart your computer

4. add the font(s) to the Apple Font Book Software

5. start Powerpoint

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