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ChristinaBianco asked on
Hi!  My Outlook 2011 for Mac refuses to wrap text when I'm writing emails.  I looked online, and on this site, but couldn't find any solutions.  Manually adding line breaks is a mess, so does any one know of a way to fix this?  I'm sure there's just some setting I'm missing. 

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Talking Moose replied on
Outlook for Mac introduces format=flowed formatting for plain text messages. This is similar to HTML, which by nature wraps only when it reaches the right edge of the window.

Format=flowed means that plain text messages are no longer wrapped around the 80th character. This makes reading messages much cleaner on different size devices like iPhones or iPads. Messages are rewrapped automatically by the receiving application rather than the sending application.

This feature cannot be turned off.

Hope this helps!

William M. Smith
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donmontalvo replied on

Your own drafts: SHIFT-COMMAND-T

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Etaoin Shrdlu replied on

The more I think about this issue, the less I believe that the way Outlook handles plain text is a feature (as opposed to a bug or simply thoughtless programming). The reason is this:

Outlook already inserts hard line breaks If you do as little as save a message in plain text as a draft and close the message window. Check it: reopen the saved draft, and you will find that lines stop at max. 80 characters. Modify your draft by adding or deleting text, save again, and Outlook produces line breaks that are, in most instances, totally unacceptable.

It is thus almost impossible to work productively and efficiently with a previously saved plain-text draft. But what's the point of saving a message as a draft if not, by default, to modify it later on?Outlook essentially requires to manually replace each line break with a space or using some third party utility that does something to that effect.

Frankly, such "workarounds" may be acceptable for inexpensive software, but not for a programme which a premium price is asked for and which is subject to the most stringent licensing regulations .
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