Outlook for Mac 2011 CPU hovers around 100% the entire day.

Dan Smorey Jr. asked on
I've noticed my Macbook Pro running hot since I've started my new job back in April.  I haven't used Outlook or Windows in years.  My new company uses Outlook for Mac so I have to use it also.  I started to look into the issue with my machine and I noticed that Outlook is hardly ever much below 90% cpu.  In fact, it's usually around 97 - 100% all the time, the entire day.

Can somebody explain to me why that is.  It's pretty bad when I have to close my email program and open periodically to check my email instead of just allowing it to stay open.  I've used Thunderbird since the mid 2000's and never had a problem, but I don't think that's a possibility now.  :(

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You either have a problem with Sync Services or with your database, but it does look like a database corruption of some sort.
You  should launch Outlook pressing the Option key down to rebuild the database.

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Deepa Raj replied on

You may also try the steps given in the article:

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