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Netflix/ Silverlight /Mac problem ( Installation says I already have a newer version)

Zoe6892 asked on

Original title: "Netflix/ Silverlight /Mac problem"


When I try to watch a show on Netflix it tells me I need to install silverlight. So I try and install silverlight but my computer will not let me as it says I already have a newer version of silverlight on my computer. I have tried uninstalling silverlight many times. I delete every trace of it (from Internet plugins and receipts etc) however my computer keeps telling me I have a newer version of silverlight on my computer. Also when I try to work Netflix it gives me error code 2015. I took this problem to the genius bar at the Mac store and they were unable to help me. They checked my hardware and made sure everything was up to date and all my software updated. I also contacted netflix who said to contact Microsoft. They said it was an error with silverlight. HELP!

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Talking Moose replied on
When you try to install the Silverlight update are you given any indication of the older version number and the newer version number?

Are you trying to install the software while logged in to your Mac as a Standard user? You might try installing it while logged in as an admin to see if that makes a difference.

The Silverlight plug-in software really has just one location. It's in "/Library/Internet Plug-Ins". Delete that. You should also delete any receipts for Silverlight in case those are causing problems. While you're still logged in to your Mac as an admin open the Terminal application found in /Applications/Utilities and run this command:


On my machine I see these results:

You can then run this command for each result you see to delete the receipts. This takes care of the first package:

sudo pkgutil --forget

If you receive errors then run this command to manually delete the files:

sudo rm /private/var/db/receipts/*silverlight*

Restart your Mac and try installing again.

The above commands only affect Installer receipts, which have nothing to do with the operation of your software. They are simply reference files that future updaters may use to verify whether you need newer software.

Hope this helps!
William M. Smith
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Tony Mac. replied on


Silverlight is not really supported here, best place would actually be in the Windows-Programs forum...but, anyway, See the following links to help you get Silverlight removed and then get the latest version:

Another question in forums:


Microsoft web:


That should get you going.


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DanYuccas replied on
Don't know if this will help but here is what I did when having the same problem.
Running Firefox, I tried to start a Netflix movie and got prompted to install Silverlight.
I checked the library, internet plugins folder and found that Silverlight was already installed.
So I instead opened Safari, and tried to start same Netflix movie. The movie appeared to start loading and then got a popup that a newer version of Silverlight was available with the option to install.
I selected to install the later version although I'm guessing the current version would have played the movie okay.
After installing (although not sure it was actually a later version) I tried the same movie on Safari and got the 2015 error.
Closed all browsers (had Safari and Firefox open).
Started Safari again and could now watch Netflix, and no more Silverlight prompts.
Closed Safari, started Firefox and tried Netflix and got prompted to install Silverlight.
Went to the Tools > Add-ons menu on Firefox and found the Silverlight plugin listed but not enabled.
Didn't enable at this point, which may have just worked, but first decided to update Firefox to the latest version, which at this time happens to be 17.0. Also, cleared the cache... Firefox > Preferences > Network > Cached Web Content > Clear Now. Neither of which may have been necessary but figured it couldn't hurt.
Then enabled the Silverlight plugin via the Add-ons menu and can now successfully watch Netflix on Firefox.
Good Luck...dy

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