Office files locked for editing in mixed Windows/Mac environment

kgore asked on
Has anyone ran into an issue in a mixed Windows/Mac environment where an Office file is created/edited on a Windows machine and then shows as locked for editing and will only open in read-only on a Mac?  Issue has mainly been seen with Excel documents, however one or two word documents have shown the same issue.  Windows PC/user is able to open/edit/save with no issues.
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Talking Moose replied on
This is similar to an earlier answer that helped someone else. See if these instructions help you:

This problem is caused by a temporary file that was not deleted after a previous edit session was completed. The file is hidden and not normally visible through the Finder. The easiest way to view hidden files is to install the hidden files dashboard widget which is available here:

Use the widget to show hidden files then use Finder to open the folder that contains the spreadsheet you wish to edit. If your spreadsheet is named abc.xlsx, you will also see a file named ~$abc.xlsx. Delete the file that begins with ~$ and you will be good to go.

Hope this helps!

William M. Smith
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BrianGee replied on

I had this problem, not with a Windows version of the file, but because I have a dual boot setup, accessing the same data file when booted in Snow Leopard or in Lion.  When trying to open the data file from Lion, I got the message (but not when opening from Snow Leopard). I used Terminal to find and delete the hidden file whose name began with ~$, and I can now open the file in Lion.
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