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I have an iMac with a 2.7 GHz Intel Core i5 with 8 GB of DDR3 RAM. I am running El Capitan version 10.11.3.

On a daily basis I keep a log file using Excel for Mac 2011 version 14.6.0. This particular log file is a whopping (sic) 274K in size. It has no links (internal or external) and no imbedded images or other complexities - it's just a simple spreadsheet with 6 columns and 4492 rows of text data. Today when I added my entry and tried to use Save As back to the same file name, as I do everyday, I got an error message saying "not enough memory" followed by a "file not saved" message.

First, I shut down all open applications except Excel. Still got error.

Second, I tried saving to one of my backup external hard drives. Still got error.

Third, I did a complete computer shut down, restart and opened only Excel. Still got error.

Fourth, I used the backup on Time Machine to retrieve yesterday's log file, restored the current file with yesterday's and tried a save. Still got error.

Fifth, I tried saving another recent Excel file (not the log file) and it saved without error

Sixth, as I write this I get an error pop-up from Excel saying "not enough memory" even though I'm not editing or trying to save anything with Excel. Note the log file is open.




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If you can Open the File and  If it is just this one file it may be corrupt. Try these options  (May not work though, if Not you have to Start from  Scratch). 

First Try:

  1.  Copy this file on to a USB Stick/Thumb Drive. Dismount Drive after copying
    (make sure USB Stick is left formatted Fat32 or ExFAT (for 64 bit) first. 
  2. Dismount USB stick.
  3. Now take to a Buddy, or colleague, That uses PC version of Office.
  4. Copy the File to his Drive (do not work from USB stick unless you don't want a Prayer fixing).
  5. Now have him open in his/her version of Excel, they may be prompted to repair.
    (Have then to Try the Repair.)
  6. If Opens and Everything working.
    Have him/her save to the USB stick. (Under a new name, using the .xlsx format.)

  7. Dismount the USB stick properly from the PC.

  8.  Now mount USB Stick on your Mac.
    (Copy from USB Stick to your hard drive, the repaired file that has been renamed.)

  9. Now Open you File — cross you fingers, toes, hands, feet and legs and hope it opens.
    (if does open — then shout for Joy, and immediately save the file.)

Second Option:

  1. Open file. Starting in top left corner of sheet, hold shift key down and scroll to the last Cell you use on Bottom right and Click again. This Selects entire work sheet contents you know about.

  2. Now open new Blank Excel Document.

  3. Locate on Edit menu Paste Special 
  4. Click only on:
    Formula and Number Formats,
    Values and Number Formats.


  5. Now Save under new name and Close old document.

  6. Now see if Document Works.

  7. If so SAVE as is. If Not get out the sedge hammer, locate and crying Towel and scream bloody Murder you will have to  Start from Scratch.

Hope this will help. 



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