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Any ideas on why I continually get this message when trying to update Office 2008 for Mac? I have installed Office 2008 for Mac(version 12.0.0)from the original disk on a new iMac computer .  I want to update to version 12.3.6 but need to update to versions 12.1.0 and 12.2.0 first.  I have downloaded version 12.1.0 several times and always get the above message when I try to install the update.



Here's what I have to do to get Office 2008 updated.  I have a MAC mini, came with Mavericks.  I installed Office 2008 (but did not do any updates) then upgraded to Yosemite.  Then I tried to run the updates for Office 2008.  I got the same error messages like other people have.  Thanks to some of the notes from other Users, I did the following.

1. Roll the date back to year 2010 (i think day and month does not matter).

2. Disconnect Internet cable or disable WiFi

3. Install update Office2008-1210  (Then change the date back and reboot the machine)

4. Install update Office2008-1220

5. Finally install Office2008-1236

Did this solve your problem?

Sorry this didn't help.

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