Office Preview Prompts to Run Microsoft AU Daemon for Secondary Users

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Secondary Users Asked to Allow "Microsoft AU Daemon" to Run When Launching their First Office 2016 Application

After installing Office 2016 Preview and applying all available updates, logging in as a different user (either new or existing) and opening an Office application the user is prompted to allow "Microsoft AU Daemon" to run.

Steps to Reproduce
- Install and update to the most current version of OS X 10.10 (as of 4/29 this is 10.10.3)
- Install and update to the most current version of Office 2016 (I downloaded the preview installer on 4/29, plus Excel 15.9, Outlook 15.9, PowerPoint 15.9, Word 15.9, and AutoUpdate 3.0.6)
- Create a second user via System Preferences' "Users & Groups" pane
- Log out
- Log in as the second user
- Open an Office 2016 Preview application (e.g. Word 2016)

Expected Results
Application opens without additional prompts.

Actual Results
User is prompted to allow an additional application to launch:
"You are opening the application “Microsoft AU Daemon” for the first time. Are you sure you want to open this application?
The application is in a folder named “MacOS.” To see the application in the Finder without opening it, click Show Application."

The response buttons are "Show Application", "Cancel", and "Open".  If "Show Application" is clicked, the path to the application displayed is:
/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/MAU2.0/Microsoft AU

This prompt is unnecessary and confusing for computers where the person using the computer is not the person who installed Office (such as a business or school).

Software configuration
- OS X 10.10.3, all updates applied as of 4/29
- Office Preview (Preview installer downloaded on 4/29, plus applied Excel 15.9, Outlook 15.9, PowerPoint 15.9, Word 15.9, and AutoUpdate 3.0.6 updates)

Additional notes
- Testing the same procedure (install, update, log in with new user) with Office 2011 allows Microsoft AU Daemon to open (verified in Activity Monitor) without prompting the new user to allow Microsoft AU Daemon to run
- It appears the postinstall script (below) for the "Office15_all_autoupdate.pkg" (part of OfficePreview.pkg) attempts to address this issue by registering "Microsoft AU" with LaunchServices:


register_trusted_cmd="/usr/bin/sudo -u $USER /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.framework/Frameworks/LaunchServices.framework/Support/lsregister -R -f -trusted"
application="/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/MAU2.0/Microsoft AU"

if /bin/test -d "$application"
$register_trusted_cmd "$application"

exit 0

Regarding this postinstall script:
- This script cannot function for users other than the user who installed the Office Preview since it only attempts to update LaunchServices for $USER
- If the AutoUpdate 3.0.6 update is not applied (which includes a postinstall script that opens Microsoft, even the user who installed the Office Preview is prompted to allow Microsoft AU Daemon to run


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This is a nonsense fix to me. I just want MS Office 365 to work without saying I am going to get a Demon on my computer. What does THAT mean to the layperson? It means malicious to most of the world, but perhaps not in adolescent fiction. 

So can I safely use the 365 subscription I paid for or what? What a waste of time.

I agree that the name was an off choice but it is not a demon.  Any web search will show that the Microsoft AU Daemon is simply software that checks Microsoft to see if there are updates available for Office.
I am the original and sole user for Office 2016 and have been for about a year (or whenever O2016 came out). The AU Daemon message just started appearing within the past week or so. Microsoft Chat didn't know what I was talking about. Hello left hand, meet right hand.

Does the Microsoft AU Daemon automatically update my software?  I understand that it checks with Microsoft periodically to see whether there are any updates to Office 365.  The salient question for me is whether it then goes ahead and automatically updates my software.  I don’t allow any company to automatically update its software on my MacBook Air (that I know of) because my machine is slower when software is updating in the background and because I want to retain a measure of control over what is being loaded on my machine.  I am conscientious about periodically updating my Flash, my OS, my Java.  The companies remind me periodically, and I follow up.  So, I don’t want microsoft to start automatically updating Office on my computer.  I would prefer for them to remind me periodically when there are updates.  I then manually allow necessary updates.  Does the Microsoft AU Daemon give me that option?

I am in the same situation. It looks like everything grew too big and it's spinning out of control. At least, let us know, do not hide it.