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Since I started evaluating Windows 10, I have notices an excessive amount of bandwidth usage.  As I am using a Lenovo y580 laptop for this test I connect via multiple sources.  When at home, I am not concerned about the bandwidth usage, but using  over 3gb of bandwidth in the background without my permission in one day when it is connected to my portable hotspot that only provides 5gb a month is a bad thing.   I should be able to designate certain connections to require my permission to use internet bandwidth. I should still be able to browse the internet and run apps that use the internet on my command but it is not acceptable to use it without my permission in the background.  I know I can set it to Airplane mode which I am doing for now, but if I turn it on for just a couple of minutes it uses 150 megabytes.  I expect you will suggest I don't use windows 10 right now but I think this is an important issue that should not be ignored.  Note that I am also a software developer and I have been doing for Unix/Linux, CP/M, MSDOS, Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows 98 (skipping ME), Windows XP, Windows 7, WIndows 8.  I would like to help see you through this period of development and come out with a great Windows 10.


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If the bandwidth being used is creating problems, you should avoid using it on a connection that has a limit. Only connect when you are an unlimited connection. Depending on how the system is behaving, the automatic metrics that are sent to Microsoft can be excessive.

See the following articles for more information.

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Sounds more like malware or a virus using your bandwidth if it is using that much.

I would be checking that out first.


If Microsoft is measuring things correctly, I'm using over 3gb daily.  Seems unreal actually.

Microsoft Bob came back after a 20 year makeover, and with a new name. Cortana!
I believe that virus would be all the resource & gigabyte hogging live tiles,
uninstall all the live tile apps and the usage should go way down.

I noticed a similar trend when connected to the wireless at one location,
the CPU usage was increased and a whole lot of data was consumed simply because I was on wireless and not on a metered connection.
when I switched to a metered connection the CPU and data usage dropped off.
I find the lack of configuration options disturbing !
Same here, it is using all my bandwidth .Is there any way i can limit the bandwidth?         

I did see a new setting that was something about restricting traffic over metered connections.  I don't know if it works or how it tells which connection(s) are metered.

For now the only thing I can see to do is put the computer in airplane mode and turn airplane mode off briefly while you need to use the internet.  Its probably best to have a time when you have an unlimited connection to leave airplane mode off and force it to check for updates during that time.  If you have a connection that bypasses the built in wifi software you probably have to turn that connection off as airplane mode may not affect it.    

I'm using a PC with Ethernet connection, not wifi.

My broadband isn't brilliant (desperately waiting for fibre to reach us), so whenever any device starts uploading it effectively prevents any other internet usage on it or any other device, and also stops the mobiles working as the lack of a signal means we have to route mobile over the internet too.

I have my firewall monitor running at all times on my main PC, so when everything went off a short while ago I could quickly track it down to the Wins10 preview machine.

However, task manager processes claimed NIL network usage.

Task manager performance correctly showed that there was SEND activity.

Resource monitor revealed that the data was being sent to

A swift reboot followed and seems to have put a stop to it for now, I'm hoping it doesn't start up again soon.

Anybody know why I should want to send data to this destination?

UPDATE - been away from the PC and come back to find its been doing it again, for at least the last 30 minutes rundll32.exe has been continuing to send data to the same destination of

Very annoying, will need to switch the machine off now as I can't continue like that.


If you go to task manager and click on app history at the top it will bring up a page that shows the amount of bandwidth used by each app since the last day it was reset. It shows usage on network, metered network, and tile updates each individually. Might show which is the offending app or apps or if it is live tiles using it.

In comparison to your huge bandwith usage figures I have only used 1.38 GB since Oct 2 when I installed the preview program and I have been testing it quite a bit. I have my computer set to go to sleep after 30 minutes of inactivity so it doesn't run long after I have been using it. Putting it to sleep might help with usage while you are not using the computer.


Microsoft is investigating this issue. We have begun contacting many of you in this thread through Private Message to assist us by collecting some diagnostic information.  

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