Google Chrome will not install Windows 10 Technical Preview

When I try to install Google Chrome, the install seems to happen, but when I try to launch, Windows hangs and I have to reboot, when I get back in, the short-cut to Chrome is a blank icon, not the Chrome icon, double clicking says it can't find the application, when I check, Chrome is not installed.

I tried a second time and the same thing happens

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Are you using Internet Explorer to download and install Chrome? Make sure you are using the actual Chrome site and not the first site that appears in the list. The first one is usually a downloader that adds unwanted stuff. Open IE and go here--  There is a Lock icon in the address bar.

For what it's worth, Chrome installs and runs in my 10TP 9926 build, although on occasion it will refuse to launch until I reboot, but the icons are still there and it doesn't seem to uninstall itself.

Is there any error message?

Make sure install the latest version from official Google website.

In addition, since this is Technical Preview, I recommend use Internet Explorer and when you face any problems or issue report them through Feedback form.

thanks for the replies, I did download from the correct site, I have managed to get it installed by using Windows 8 Compatability mode, the Icons stay now, but Chrome still won't launch.

I know I can use IE, but I really hate it, it's one of the Microsoft products that has got worse with every release. Chrome is just so much better :)

Try the beta chrome track.  That's the version I have installed and working on mine.

Running chrome 64 bit without issue on W10 #9926.

Default install is 32 bit.

For 64 bit, go to then click on "Download Chrome for another platform" and select "Windows 8/7 64-bit".
Of course, you can only do this if you have installed W10 64 bit.
And I'm not saying that chrome 32 bit does not work on W10. It should work too.

My successful chrome install is also 64 bit.

Make sure report this issue using Google Forum too.

Well, you are facing any problems with IE, this technical preview is the best opportunity for you to share your problems and you could share feedback like this site is not working in IE, I have this problem and all that.

I think win10 has block chrome for launching because they want you to ONLY use Ie.  Ie is horrible in the win10 version.  I use a desktop, not a device.  win10 is only accommodating devices.  As if they forgot we still use desktops.  Its time to leave windows behind.  The latest update just doesnt work.  Nothing works together in a cohesive manner.  The mail app is a joke, only opens once out of 10 tries.  

Ive been using 10 since jan, and I dont see any hope for it.  Not like this.  

I dont want to report a site isnt working in ie, i want to report that Ie isnt working..  Yet the only option is the option you mention.  This means they DONT care if you dont like ie, or how it funcitons.  Too bad, its what you get to use.  Ask me if i will buy 10 now?

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