Cannot change Network Binding Order in Windows 10

Hello, In Windows 8.1 and older, I was able to open Network Connections > press Alt > Advanced > Advanced Settings

Then I was able to change the binding order and press ok. Now when I do this in Windows 10, it appears to change fine when I press ok, but when I open it back up, it's back to the way it was before. It doesn't save the changes. I saw this problem when running the first Windows 10 build last October, and I still see the problem with Windows 10240. Anyone know how to fix this?



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In Windows 10, when you make adjustments to the binding order and save, if you re-open the Adapters and Bindings dialog box you will notice that your changes do not persist. This feature was deprecated in Windows 8 and cut from the Windows 10 product as there are no longer any components that utilize the binding order. Instead, components such as DNS and TCP/IP use the routing and interface metrics to determine which interface would be used.

If you are using multiple NICs and you need to increase the priority a specific NIC has over others, useSet-NetIPInterface –InterfaceIndex “xx”–InterfaceMetric “xx” ( define the weight for the interface. By default, Windows uses the Route Metric + Interface Metric to determine which route has the highest priority by choosing the route with the lowest value.

And as an FYI...for some reason I now see the Ethernet adapter list first in ipconfig and not the wifi. Previously wifi was listed first. I don't know what has changed or if there was an update or if I did anything to change in the multiple attempts I made to try to get it working. In the Network and sharing adapter still is listing wifi first but the routing seems to be ok now.

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