Windows 10 "Task View" Features

I don't know about you, but I am absolutely ecstatic that Windows 10 is including Task View! I've been fond of multi-desktop environments since I started experimenting with a third-party software tool called "VirtuaWin" a few years ago on Windows 7.

Since I've been spoiled by the many features available in VirtuaWin, I'd like to add my two-cents about how I think Task View could be made more... Complete. Of course, it's already a great tool as it is, and holds the potential to greatly improve productivity when used correctly.

How much would be too much, though? We all could likely come up with more than I have, and you could likely point out why some things aren't needed.
Please share your thoughts!

- - -

1. Simple "Drag and Drop" abilities.
   As things are, we're limited to right-click menus or hidden buttons to manage Task View windows. How about the ability to drag a window to another desktop while in Task View mode? In all honesty, it was the first thing I tried, and I was extremely surprised that it didn't work.

2. Clicking something that is open on a different desktop yanks you to that desktop? How about not.

   Not sure I like this. Let's say I like having three desktops for different themes of work. If I open a web browser on my blogging desktop, I don't want to be yanked to the browser on my school desktop. I'm more interested in a new window opening where I already am. Treat the different desktops like differing environments.

3. Right-Click options.

   While you're in the Task View mode switching between desktops and closing windows, why not have the right-click option: "Send to New Desktop". All we have currently is 'close' or 'send to Desktop #'. (Where '#' represents a desktop that already exists.)

   Here's a tree to document all my right-click option ideas presented:

   (Send to New Desktop) #3

   (Create Desktop Snapshot) #4

   (Send Shortcut to Desktop) #4

   (Load at Login) #5

4. 'Snapshot' a Desktop.

   Say you go to work or school every day and do the same routine each time. Or more specifically, you open the same programs every time. Wouldn't it be nice if you could premake a template of those windows so they open for you? For example, a particular two folders, a particular program, and a particular website that you may need for every class. The idea here is that you open them all on an isolated desktop, go to Task View, and save the desktop for later use.

   These saved desktops could be kept in the Task View mode as a list with custom names. Opening a snapshot simply opens a new desktop and loads up each of the Windows the way they were lined up when you saved the desktop. Of course, the content there would be freshly loaded, so in the case of webpages or files being changed or missing -- that would be reflected as soon as they attempt to load. After all, the "snapshot" I'm thinking of just saves the locations of the windows you have open, including the minimized ones.

  Additionally, the listed desktop snapshots could be right-clicked and sent to the desktop as a shortcut of some sort. That would just make it feel complete. Read on to #5 for my next idea!

5. Load desktops on Login. (read #4 first!)

   a) User logs in

   b) User's preselected snapshot desktops are loaded.

   When you save a desktop snapshot, another available right-click option would be to 'load desktop at logon', meaning, when you login, this particular desktop snapshot could be loaded up for you. This way, you don't need to run through the process of selecting each of your saved snapshots... if you really need that much open at once. I know I could find a use for this. I could also use a group loader for programs, but that's a different matter!

6. Close Desktop -- Toss all windows to another one?

   Currently, when you close an entire desktop which has windows open in it, it just tosses each of those windows over into another desktop. The end result is that, if you close all your desktops, all the windows from each one will compile into one last desktop that can't be closed. I don't like this.

   The way I see virtual desktop is as differing work environments. If I close one, it's because I no longer need that workspace, and I'm expecting everything on that desktop to be closed. Sure, I can see how this could be a bad thing -- making it too easy to close all of your programs at once and throttle your productivity by accident. This is why there could be an option presented when closing a desktop.

   When you close a desktop, be presented with options like these:

   a) Close entire desktop

   b) Manually specify for each window

   C) Nevermind

   I hope that they would be self-explanatory.

7. Differing Environments. (Too much?)

   Different Desktop Themes. Wallpapers, icons, screensavers, and sounds for each desktop!! 

   I'm going nuts. I'll stop now.

- - -

So there you have it.

Thoughts/comments welcome.

Hello TorchuVadergear,

i agree...

but i think Task Manager will not provide (actually) a true multi-console environment like in *nix OS

it appears to be un "superset" of windows management.

But it's already very nice

It may not provide a true multi-console environment.. yet. But it had better!

Or at the very least, I hope it ties up some loose ends in the current build before it's launched. 
Lack of drag-and drop, and the windows that constantly stay open? Two things I find very annoying.

I agree TorchuVadergear, also I noticed an application such as Steam is present in all window tasks views.  It really breaks the experience I was expecting.

I hope this can be resolved, in addition to everything you mentioned.


what are you doing exactly ?

I have Steam installed and no problem

I can launch an old game like "Prey" (because the old machine)

and yet switch to another desktop with "Alt+TAB"

Behavior seems correct to me

I like the points #4 & #5

I had those things exactly in my mind.

Great idea TorchuVadergear !!!!

Great minds think alike. So recommend this whoever thought like this.

So, does anyone have any idea of how to get out of task viewer? One of my games glitched and caused it to open up for whatever reason. I just want to go back to my old desktop. Help?!

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