Lumia 640 Users: Check Here for Windows 10 Technical Preview Update Information

Lumia 640XL device users:  Unfortunately the information here won't apply to you yet.  The resolution scaling bug fix has not been added to a deployed Windows 10 Insider build.  Your device is not yet on the approved list unfortunately.

All other 640 users, please continue reading below:

As you know, the Windows Phone OS has been launched on a large number of devices around the globe, and this includes a multitude of countries and mobile operators.  Depending on when your device launched, your device could have been on of a variety of specific build numbers.

If your 640 handset is on Windows Phone 8.1 and has an OS version greater than 8.10.15116.125, you will not be able to upgrade to Windows 10 Technical Preview currently.  To check the current OS version of your device:  Settings > About > (More Info)

I know this news is disappointing.  This is a temporary, not permanent, situation.  Without going into great technical detail, I will summarize and say that if you are on a build greater than the one noted above and update to Windows 10 Technical Preview, your device would not be able to recover back to Windows Phone 8.1 if you were to encounter any device troubles or decide the Preview wasn't to your liking.

This is not a situation we want to put users in. Having the ability to recover or roll-back should you choose is important.  We are actively reviewing possible alternatives to see how we can best resolve this.  In the short term, please know we are working hard to provide a great experience and ask for your patience while we continue working on this.

Thank you for reading.  There's more to come, so stay tuned

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Please fix it for

640XL ASAP. I am not happy with the feature of windows 8.1 most likely mail app and still waiting for experiencing windows 10 but I am disappointed to hearing that currently it's not support on my device.


Thanks for the informative update.

Yes, would rather wait for a more stable WTP 10 than possibly 'birck' a good 640 phone. :)

Luckily I also have a 635 which is currently running WTP 10, so have the best of both worlds.

Cheers !!

This is really disappoint considering I've just bought a Lumia 640 LTE in good faith has it was on the list of supported devices for the sole purpose to test Win 10, only to discover I can't use it yet!! I should be getting my money back! Not happy at all!!
I second this. I just did the exact same thing and this is very disappointing :(
Same, here. In my company we bought many lumia 640 for testing...
Me too. Bought yesterday a 640 just to test Win10 and then I read this :( Hope MS will be able to fix this issue soon

Thanks Jason for the update, much appreciated.  

Having purchased the 640, since seeing it originally listed as supported, I hope this can be resolved quickly, and that you will keep us updated.  

Thanks Jason.

Hope it will not take too long.

Please keep us updated on progress.

So we might see one next month or what? A bit more info would be nice. Not happy at all tbh, I bought one with the knowledge it was supported.

Thanks for the update much appreciated!

I hope you can keep us updated and that you guys fix it quickly as it is kind of disappointing :)

Looking forward to wp10

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