Build 15019 is Live

This is funny that Neowin releases info before Dona does!!

‏@majornelson Follow More Update: Spoke to @donasarkar & found out the Win 10 Creators Update will be rolling out to #WindowsInsiders later this week.

Not tomorrow Somebody must have gotten after someone. LOL

Dona's pic hint is up, 15019 is due soon.


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I managed to install the build 15019 disabling via a modification of the system registry the UUP and I have to say that in two hours the system has been upgraded and is faster than before
Has anyone gotten the game capture to work for their games yet? I activated game mode and clicked on record game in background, set video frame rate and audio quality. I jumped into Dying Light, opened gaming bar and set it again there, started playing. Played for 30 minutes and not even one second of gameplay was recorded.
I had no other ESD files in SoftwareDistribution. The ISO created from 15019 ESD file works as normal for clean installs, except that they seem to have removed the SHIFT-F10 Command Prompt hotkey that is normally available from any of the Setup screens. Repair your computer still provides a menu for Command Prompt access. The 15014 ESD file was even smaller than the 15019 Install.esd, but they are close in size.

Things seem to be happening now. Computer is restarting.

At long last. Success!

Since the upgrade went well, I made an ISO from the install.esd and did a fresh install. Fresh install went well for the most part. My issue with notification center is back. When I click on one notification, all of the notifications disappear. The other issue that has also returned, is the email one. It's only with Gmail. It takes numerous times to set it up. It kept saying that it couldn't set it up at this time. The error code always pointed to a network error. But, once again, after several restarts, several tries, I finally got it set up. However, with that said, there's still a sync issue with Gmail. It takes a few times of manually trying to sync it, before it will sync up.

Did you reboot the system and try again?

Yes, several times.

I've tried all the suggestions, including the registry hack, but am still stuck on 15007 with a 0x800705b4 error code.

Hi JohnThePilot,

Just a thought...Have you checked your Store app updates? That error code certainly is a regular there...

Thanks for the suggestion.

Things seem to be happening now. Computer is restarting.

I had also updated to insider build from public build 14393 (not hyper-vm). I found the update to insider build 15014 very smooth. I copied install.esb file before restart. But when I got update to current insider build 15019 I found about 5 different esd files under Windwows\SoftwareDistribution folder before restart and decided not attempt a conversion of esd file to iso file for build 15019
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I have an up-to-date 14393 Hyper-V VM. I saved a Checkpoint of it after getting the latest 14393 updates. Before saving the Checkpoint, it was already placed on the Fast Ring, but with no Insider Builds downloaded yet.

For the past few builds, as soon as I check Windows Update, it downloads and upgrades to the latest Insider Build. I make a copy of the new single ESD file to install elsewhere. When a new build is announced, I just restore it to the 14393 Checkpoint (which is a very fast process) and it's ready to upgrade to the new build.

My 5 Mbps Internet bandwidth is almost entirely consumed with every Windows build download. The rest of my family has almost no Internet access at all for the 1.5-2 hours it takes to download a new Insider Build. 15019 took 1h50m to download. I usually do around 4 installs of each build, so there is no way I am willing to compromise our Internet access for that long. I tried doing two at once, hoping that "Delivery Optimization" would make it more efficient, but it took longer than ever.

Meanwhile, until UUP starts to show some improvement, I can't really afford to do a lot of testing of it. But once my ISP finishes their fiber optic upgrades to my house, things will improve.


Well, I upgrade nine machines, after reducing the number substantially when UUP began. The rest were restored to 14393 and left there. Nine is still a lot of downloading (and waiting), and that fact drew me to using the disk image to restore one machine for each of the four versions, temporarily, to 14393 in order to get the install.esd and make ISO media for the others.

 I know Microsoft wants us to download for every machine, but that's beyond what I'm willing to do with the UUP so slow.


 I found the link to the post I found about disabling UUP here:

 And FWIW I couldn't agree more with what you said.  But I'll just add that it's a lot quicker and easier to run REGEDIT and change that one bit than having to restore 14393 to get the ESD file.  The above link talks about two changes, but just changing the "SupportsUUP"=dword:00000000 was all I had to do to disable UUP and get the ESD. 

 Like you, I'll do the full UUP ONCE for each build, but there's absolutely no reason to be masochistic and do it for every one of multiple installs, especially when you can see that it hasn't been improved since 15014.

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