14361 = 6 hrs./4 attempts to install

This is more to help others that may have this issue.

I have 3 machines on Fast Track builds. Today my laptop kept reverting back to the previous build before completing the update. After the 3rd attempt I poured through the Event Viewer logs and discovered an error trying to obtain a device drive for the Wireless Keyboard Filter. So I unplugged my Microsoft wireless mouse and Transceiver for the 4th attempt. This finally allowed for the upgrade to be completed successfully and after everything had updated I plugged the Transceiver back in with no problems.


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Did you put the information about the Transceiver into Feedback?  If not do so where the engineers can see it.
All three of my test laptops have been installed with 14361 now.
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It now appears that the issue with Wireless Transceiver is more than just on the install. In the Device Manager when I check The Driver for this it shows an old driver dated 2013. When I checked my desktop which also has the same model of wireless mouse I see that the driver is dated 2015.

So I did the Update Driver process and it says I have the most updated driver. So I swapped out the wireless transceivers between the two and my desktop remains at the 2015 driver and my laptop remains at the 2013 version.

In Driver Details the /system32/DRIVERS/point64.sys file is the one that is old. It shows file version and on my desktop it shows

This also MAY be the cause of this entry in the Event Viewer:
The Connected Devices Platform Service service terminated with the following error:
%%268435456 Error ID 7023

How can I force the driver to update to the same version on my laptop as my desktop has?

So this is not the first time I post a question then answer it myself ! LOL. But I leave it here in case it helps others.

I uninstalled the Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center software then downloaded the newest version from the Microsoft Wireless Mouse Support page. (Ver. 2.7). This updated the point64.sys file. My desktop did have a newer version of the Software as I installed the wireless mouse at a later date than my laptop. For the record I have the Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500.

This did get rid of the problems I was having though I am seeing multiple Windows Error Reporting entries under the Applications in the Event Viewer for WUDFVerifierFailure in BOTH my desktop and laptop so clearly there is a problem with the Wireless Keyboard Filter.

It did not get rid of the Connected device error though and I see that error on both machines plus another desktop which does not have a wireless device attached so it appears unrelated.