Mobile Update Issues - No Build Offered *OR* 80242006 Error

Hello Insiders,

As part of our recent 14951 Mobile flight, some users have reported seeing error 80242006 while trying to take the update.  This error arises as part of a update information collision.

For build14955 that was just released, some users are seeing "no updates available" on their device.

For either of these scenarios, please see the steps below:

  1. Switch your device to the Slow ring
    • Settings > Update & Security > Windows Insider Program
  2. Change device date to 7 days in the future
    • Settings > Time & Language > Date & Time
    • (You may need to switch "Set date and time automatically" to OFF)
  3. Check for updates (should say "no updates available")
    • Settings > Update & Security > Phone Update
  4. Change device date back to current date
  5. Change device back to Fast ring
  6. Check for updates

This should get you fixed up!

- Jason

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So basically I did a reset over the weekend and I tried to download the build but it did not work it showed no updates. I made the mistake of signing out of my insider account  the hopes that I would be able to sign back in but to no avail because of the sign-in bug. Is the only option for me a reset to8.1?


Glory! Glory!
Terrific workaround Jason. Latest build seems to be downloading just fine now.
Still does Not proceed beyond the 0% mark.
Didn't see the build until workaround and now it is downloading ok, but wondering if it isn't causing that we see now the builds as (RS_PRERELEASE), must wait and see with the next build if it gonna be the same but thanks for your great work :)
I have the same problem, now i have reset my Lumia 950.... And i wait...

Some users just don't see any updates available.

Seems like the ones, who suffered "0% issue when upgrading to 14951" and(!) error 80242006 at the same time. As me for example.

Workaround is to set date to 3th of November and then check for updates again. Simple and you don't need to switch circles.

This worked for me.

I ha ve follow your tuto and now my Lumia 950 download the news build 14955 :D Yessssssss
Version 14955 stuck at 0% Lumia 640 tmobile usa
We're investigating this.  The MSA issue on build 14951 was known to affect a few apps such as the FB Hub, but it was not known to affect Insider settings.

Teams are actively investigating this right now.  I'll share more when I have an update.

So toggling the date worked without changing rings? Good to know!


* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.


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