How to: connect to a Microsoft Account in Windows 10

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Previously we looked at setting up a local account using the Out of Box Experience wizard when we are setting up a Windows 10 PC for the first time. A local account provides all the traditional benefits of local authentication on a Windows PC. With a Microsoft Account, there are additional benefits such as PC Syncing which makes it easy to save your personal files and settings to Microsoft's online storage service OneDrive. This makes it easy to access your information and apps on any device you choose. Other benefits include access to the Store so you can download your apps and easily share them with other Windows devices you might own. In this article, we will take a look at the easy steps for switching to a Microsoft Account.

The first thing you need ensure is that you have a Microsoft Account. A Microsoft Account is defined by a,, or domains. If you have one of these, you are good to go.

Once you have satisfied that requirement, we are on to setting up our Microsoft Accounts.

If the Connect to a Microsoft account option does not work, try adding a Microsoft Account. Scroll down:

Click Add a Microsoft account

Enter your credentials

Click Sign in

Click Start > Settings

Click Accounts

Under Your account click the link Connect to a Microsoft account

This will start the Microsoft Account wizard, follow the on screen instructions carefully.

Enter the current password for the local account you use to sign into Windows 10 then click Next

Wait while the wizard prepares to sign you into your Microsoft Account.

Enter your credentials for your Microsoft Account. Remember, a Microsoft Account is defined by a,, or domains. If you don't have one, utilize the wizard to create one.

Next, we need to verify the account and ensure it is the person really connecting this account. You have a number of options, which include an alternate email address or a phone number. If you can't do it right now, click the option, I can't do this right now. Once you have received your code, enter it and click Next.

In the above screen, I have entered the corresponding number that matches my phone number since this is the option I chose. Click Next.

Once everything has been setting, you are now ready, click Switch

Once complete, you are now connected. You can manage your settings and choose what you want to sync.


How to: Create a Local Account during Out of Box Experience Setup

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men in the first step when i click on "connect to amicrosoft account" 
nothing apear 
i have this problem from windows 8.1 too
After pressing 'Switch' it tells me that my current password, which I logged into my local account with, is not identical to the Microsoft Account password, but they ARE identical. What can I do?
same problem can't switch from local to Microsoft account


Thank you for for the article but am having some challenges connecting my MSA to my Windwos 10 insider Laptop. Whenever i click on "Sign in with my MSA" it just rotates as if its doing something then it shows an error "Sorry, something went wrong Try again or select cancel to set up your device later"

I found the solution.

First my problem was being cause by proxy settings!

What you do, download the Microsoft Accounts Diagnostic Tool. Its just a few Kbs

Run it and make sure that you accept to apply fix when it brings up any errors. at the point where it will show you need to set up LAN settings manually, also click "Apply Fix". After you see no error, the last thing it should show at the end of the troubleshooting will be. "You need to sign in with a Microsoft account", then you can go back to settings and accounts and try it again.

You can try out these other steps if it doesn't work for you! Can’t Switch To Microsoft Account In Windows 8 Or Later

Hope it works for You!

God Bless


I have already signed in to an account but I now have a new one and want to make it my primary account.

I have added my new account but I cannot make it my default one. How do I do this?

I want all of my account data (Cortana, etc) to move over to it if possible.


Reece Coombes
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HELP MEEE!!!.....

I click on connect to a microsoft account.

Than it says it haves a problem.

Yeah me too
I am facing the similar issue.
after entering my current code the window collapses and sends me back to the start. Any ideas?

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.


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