Q: Is there an option to start Edge without opening previous tabs?

I have Edge configured to open previous tabs.  In my last browsing session I encountered a scam site that has the browser locked telling me to call a support number to "fix my system problems."  So I'm in an endless loop.  I can kill Edge with Task Manager but when I open it again the same tab takes over the browser.  The individual tab processes don't appear in Task Manager as they do with IE.

Anyone have any ideas?  As soon as I get back control of Edge I'm going to change the setting to restart tabs.  This needs to be resolved in some way with a confirmation to re-open tabs.




Had the same problem.

My solution was to close Edge with Task Manager, then disabling the internet connection.
When Edge now tries to reopen the previous scam tab it fails due to lack of internet. Now you can close the tab and enable internet back again.

Did this solve your problem?

Sorry this didn't help.

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