How to switch between desktops with keyboard shortcut


I loved to see that there are several desktops in Windows 10 like on other operating systems. I tried to switch from one desktop to the other with the keyboard but ALT+TAB and WINDOWS+TAB do not what i assumed. I wish to switch to desktop 1 with (per example) ALT+1 and to Desktop 3 with ALT+3 like on most Linux desktop environments.

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I move between desktops using ctrl+win+arroy keys. I think there are another shortcuts, but I don't know for now.
I would like to see windows+tab working similar to alt+tab but with desktops because it is mostly useless now in my opinion.

Ctrl+win+arrow keys works, thanks. The disadvantage is that one needs 2 hands and needs many keypresses to move from desktop 1 to lets say 5.

I loved to see a one handed shortcut with witch I can fastly access every desktop I have.

Additionally it would be nice to be able to set the number of desktops I have after startup and to make good things great, it would be great if I would be able to set that f.e. outlook should start on desktop X after startup.

Thanks for revealing this. This shortcut makes it worthwhile. I hated doing it with the mouse and felt that it was a weak imitation of the way it's done in many Linux distros. But this shortcut makes multitasking awesome.
Simply click the icon right next to search or Cortana. It will give everything that is running and click on that and will go full size virtually instantly.

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