Basics: Using Settings to customize Windows

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Windows 10 introduces a revised modern configuration app called Settings. Previously called PC Settings in Windows 8/8.1, Settings features familiar functionality available in the classic desktop Control Panel you have been using earlier versions of Windows. Some of the things you can use Settings for include changing window colors, manage installed programs, update Windows, connect to networks, adjust time and language, configure hardware and a myriad of other task.


To launch Settings, click Start > Settings or press Windows key + i on your keyboard.

For our first customization, we will look at using Personalization to change the look and feel of Windows 10. Click on it.

Click the Color tab and select a color choice you like.

You can even have Windows automatically choose a color for you. Scroll down and you will see additional settings you can choose such as the parts of the interface you would like colors to be applied and the ability to make the Start menu and Taskbar transparent.

You can apply different effects and appearances to your Start menu and Taskbar.

If there are more granular options you would like to apply, click the Themes tab and choose from the available options. Here you can adjust sound, icons and mouse pointers.

So thats a look at using Settings to adjust the look and feel of your computer.

Finding Settings

If there is a specific setting you are looking for, you can use Find a setting to find it. See below.

In the above screenshot, I want add a printer. I am presented with relevant options.

Pinning Commonly accessed Settings to Start

If there is an area of Settings I commonly access, I can quickly access it by pinning a shortcut on my Start menu. Just lick the Push Pin icon which will change to indicate it is pinned.

You will now be able to quickly access your favorite Setting quickly from the Start.

If there certain settings you are not able to find or you still prefer older Control Panel, you can still access it.

Press Windows key + X
Click Control Panel


From the Search box (Windows key + S)

Type: control Panel

You can right click and Pin it to the Taskbar or Start menu for quick access.

So, thats the new Settings, go ahead and explore it.


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Easiest way to get to Start is to buy a Microsoft Sculpt-Comfort Bluetooth Mouse (H3S-00003). It has a WindowsKey on the side for an easy thumb "click" to Start.

Thanks Kenn, will definitely look into it!
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It appears that in Win10 you cannot select multiple images to rotate on your desktop wallpaper from the Personalize/Background/Chose Your Picture function.

It only allows you to select ONE image when you browse from Chose Your Picture.

When is this going to be corrected?

I have the same issue as Rick.  I have a folder with 10 images.  I would like to select the folder and create a slide show for my desktop background.  Does anyone know how to make this happen?
I have the same issue as Rick and Harvey. I have selected a theme and would like to create a slide show for my desktop background - including the ability to set the speed of the display. Has anyone figured this out?

I too am having problems getting the slide show to work. However I found that it is in place on one of my login names Just not the login with Microsoft  windows 10. strange have been looking but nothing so far.

Maybe you can try logging in as a different user and find your pictures also good luck

My slideshow uses multiple pictures. When I upgraded from 8.1 to 10 that setting didn't change and continues to perform as it did before.

Yes, and it *is* possible to set multiple images to slideshow your desktop in Win10, just NOT from the Windows Customize screen.  

If you use file explorer to navigate to a folder of images, select multiple images, right click, you can Set As Background and they will then rotate.

On what schedule?  Random or not?  Who knows?!  Because you can't set any of this in the Desktop properties anymore!

The registry edit is the only way you get the same functionality you had in Win 7.  Nothing in Win 10 will do it as well with as many option.  Note I shuffle and use 10 second changes and have 20,000 images in my Pictures library with multiple subfolders.  MSFT has written Win 10 for a small tablet with little memory obviously.
If you open your Wallpaper screen and find that folder it will create a Slide show for those photos you have.